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County Office Overview...

The county office which serves the public by recording important documents such as mortgages, contracts, deeds, liens, and mapping plans. Once recorded, by use of the computer, each document is given book and page numbers. These numbers are useful to individuals who want to look up or research recorded documents.

After each document is given a book and page number, it is proofread to make sure that the important details of the deed were correctly keyed into the computer. The names of the people, banks and businesses written on the document, as well as their correct spellings, are carefully checked. Once this is done, each document is imaged and the original copy is returned to the party indicated on the document or identified by the submitter.

The digitized copy is then placed into a book kept by the county office. These books are available for the public's use for the information they wish to find regarding any recorded document. The individual who oversees this office is known as the County Clerk. He/she is elected by the people of the county where the office is located, and serves in this position for four years.

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